Have your details been Hacked?

Have your details been Hacked? Have you ever wondered if your personal details have been caught up in a security breach? Big companies are regularly the targets of security attacks. [...]

The Ultimate Guide to Google My Business

Written by Aja Frost, this is something that you can do for your business right now for FREE. This will take about 10 minutes and get your business right in front of your local [...]

Social Media Strategy 101

With so many platforms and strategies to test out, pinpointing the best strategy for your business can be a daunting task. The key to success is a Social Media Strategy and a knowledgeable partner [...]

Google Maps Ranking Factors

Simply creating a Google Maps listing for your business isn’t enough. If your listing is not occupying one of the top 3 positions you won’t see much, if any increase at all, in new [...]

Mobile First Design

Mobile First Indexing Google's crawling, indexing, and ranking systems have typically used the desktop version of a page's content, which may cause issues for mobile searchers when that version is vastly different from [...]