NBN Broadband 25Mb/5Mb

NBN Fibre is available in many parts of Mackay. All plans are minimum 24 months. Uploads and downloads are counted.

NBN 50 GB @ 25mb/5mb


NBN 100 GB @ 25mb/5mb


NBN 250 GB @ 25mb/5mb


NBN 500 GB @ 25mb/5mb


NBN 1 TB @ 25mb/5mb


NBN Broadband 50Mb/20Mb

NBN 50 GB @ 50Mb/20Mb


NBN 100 GB @ 50Mb/20Mb


NBN 250 GB @ 50Mb/20Mb


NBN 500 GB @ 50Mb/20Mb


NBN 1 TB @ 50Mb/20Mb


NBN Broadband 100Mb/40Mb

NBN 50 GB @ 100Mb/40Mb


NBN 100 GB @ 100Mb/40Mb


NBN 250 GB @ 100Mb/40Mb


NBN 500 GB @ 100Mb/40Mb


NBN 1 TB @ 100Mb/40Mb


Regulatory Information

What you need to know. Download here 158Kb

The Critical Information Summary for our Internet Access Plans are available for download here 722Kb

If you have an issue with your service and would like to appoint and Authorised Representative. Download the form here 65Kb

Our Complaint handling process can be downloaded here 154Kb