What is BrewBase?

BrewBase is an online brew management system designed for small batch breweries. BrewBase helps you manage brews from ingredient stock levels to which batch was sold to which person. Here are some of the features:

  • Manage ingredient stock levels

  • Automatically draws down from ingredients when recipe is brewed

  • Manage membership subscriptions

  • Sell shares online to members

  • Barcode scanner compatible

  • Brew Reports including excise tax

  • Track every share to the member that bought it

  • Members can view their purchase history online.


Table of brews

Data you can store on each recipe

  • Brews

    • This table lists all brews except archived.
  • To be Brewed

    • Displays the brews that you have scheduled to be brewed
  • Brewing

    • Brews that are currently fermenting
  • Stasis

    • Brews that have been moved into the holding room where fermentation has slowed
  • Amber

    • Brews that have been holding for at lest 6 days
  • RTFilter

    • Brews that are ready to be filtered (10 days)
  • On Sale

    • Brews that have been filtered and still have available shares
  • Back Order

    • Brews that have been ordered and are not currently in the brewing system
  • Archived

    • Brews that you have sold
  • Dry Packs

    • Dry Packs that have been ordered. (these also draw down on your ingredients based on the recipe)


Table of recipes

Data you can store on each recipe

Shows which brews have been created from the recipe.

Shows what ingredients are in your recipe.


Each supplier’s contact and order details are saved.

The ingredients that you purchase from that supplier are also stored.


Table of ingredients

Data you can store on each ingredient

Shows which recipes the ingredient belongs to.

Shows what suppliers you purchase from


Excise report break down

For more information contact Tim 0429 100020